Top 5 Best French Restaurants in San Francisco

1.)    Atelier Crenn

The amazing French cook Dominique Crenn’s love of her father has inspired her work. He was an artist, bringing all of his concepts to reality inside his workshop, which is otherwise known as an “atelier’’ in French. That should kind of give you a closer look at the name and idea of the restaurant: an eatery where Crenn cooks dishes f that she calls “poetic culinaria.” Not only is she a cook,  but she also happens to be a proficient poet. The menu is written in the style of a poem where each line is the summons of a dish.

2.) Cafe Jaqueline

Long-stemmed flowers and candles that are placed on each table to set the ambiance sums up this petite, lovely restaurant. What is so interesting about Café Jacqueline is its short menu, that contains souffles cooked to serve two. Food options change every day and such tasty ingredients like crab, truffles, and fresh fruit fill main-course and dessert dishes with delicious flavor. French-born chef-owner Jacqueline Marguilis explains these soufflés as unique works of art. Because every shuffle is made by hand to order, be ready for a wait.

3.) Jardinière

This gorgeous, sporadically decorated restaurant is meant to look like a champagne glass that has been overturned. It is one of the best pricey special-occasion locations in San Francisco. The restaurant is a quick walk from Davies Symphony Hall and the Opera House. It delivers a menu as luxurious as its interior design. Chef Traci Des Jardins continues to look for the tastiest local ingredients for a menu that includes caviar, oysters, black truffles, duck breast confit, diver scallops, and bacon-wrapped rabbit. For that extra-special occasion, go for the prix fixe menu with wine pairings—and the cheese course as well.

4.) La Folie

Legendary, hospitable and romantic. La Folie’s legacy precedes it for French dining in San Fran, and with this restaurant also comes Chef Passot’s adoration for originating a dining experience and delicious food that you’ll remember for a long time. If you are lucky enough to eat at this Michelin Starred eatery when he is at the restaurant, be ready for a stunningly prepared French meal that not only appeases the palate but the appetite, as well. Past visitors have reflected upon the huge portions – and it’s true, the portions are gigantic.

5.) Bouche

 Bouche is located right on Union Square, and it is a French Bistro that makes itself shine in a vast array of French restaurants in San Francisco. Half restaurant, half wine bar, Bouche founder Guillaume Issaverdens carries the loveliness of his home in Provence and his passion for Mediterranean cuisine and the farmer’s markets of Northern California right to the table at Bouche. Opened in 2011, Bouche contains a warm gathering spot for locals and out-of-towners alike. The mouth-watering French menu contains some favorites like Duck Confit Croquants, California Halibut Tartar with Ginger, Lime, and Sweet Potato, Creamy Farro Verde with Green Garlic and Wild Mushrooms, and Petrale Sole with Pomme Puree, Asparagus, and Beurrer Noisette.

If you want to see some more amazing French restaraunts, watch the video below!