Here Are the Top 3 Bistros in the United States

3.) Fearrington House Restaurant

The romantic dining rooms inside of this white-columned Fearrington House Restaurant welcome visitors with phenomenal service and a menu that revolves around the season. Executive Chef Colin Bedford and his team’s devotion to spectacular farm-to-fork cuisine is certainly presented throughout the dining experience. From being business partners with nearby farms, including Duckwood Farms and Heritage Farms, to vegetables and herbs that are grown right from the gardens on its property, to meals that promote North Carolina’s four solid seasons, The Fearrington House’s pledge to prepare Relais & Chateaux style gourmet food and service to visitors has stayed the same since the restaurant’s opening in 1980. Their menu is equipped with a beverage list including its own broad wine list, a fully-equipped bar, cocktails containing local ingredients and beers that represent breweries in North Carolina. The beverage program is controlled and selected by Beverage Director Paula de Pano.

2.) Blue Hill At Stone Barns

There are so many restaurants that, just like Blue Hill at Stone Barns, generate the most memorable dining experiences for their visitors. However, at this particular restaurant, located on top of a working farm that is fit within rolling hills that are 30 miles north of Manhattan, is the best dining experience in America for it is way more than just a restaurant. Under the supervision of Dan Barber, its executive chef, co-owner, and chief philosopher, it is a science experiment, a laboratory, a learning place, and a representation of the future of horticulture. It is because this restaurant has such a high level of hospitality that visitors are able to decide to take part in these educational pieces of the place as much or as little as they want to. Consider it part museum. However, this engine — with no less elevated a motivation than changing our country’s whole entire food chain — drives Barber, his team, his kitchen, and his tireless studies into farming tactics. It explains every amazing plate of food that arrives out of the delicious smelling kitchen. Diners always exit Stone Barns impressed and full, filled with motivation in the same kind of way one would feel after experiencing a mind-blowing concert or finishing a really intense novel.

3.) Felix Trattoria

The ecstasy of eating at Felix moves you right away, as soon as you take that first sip of a white negroni, that very first hot-to-the-fingertips fluff of sfincione bread. Something strange is happening right now, you may think to yourself. You see the chef, Evan Funke, big and bearded, rolling sheets and sheets of dough by hand in a glassed-in blockhouse as if he’s some prehistoric Minotaur-god of pasta. And when that pasta starts to come out to the table— the tastiest delicate-chewy waves of tonnarelli, orecchiette, trofie, mezzemaniche—you start to forget what language is and begin to speak with grunts and moans of sheer satisfaction. Both welcoming and exciting, old school and inventive, Felix is not only the greatest new bistro in America; it’s the sort of place that makes you feel when you’re fortunate enough to be in the prime of all of it, that it’s the creation of everything that life really should be.

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